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Sony WF-L900 LinkBuds True Wireless Earbuds

  • 12mm Open-Ring Drivers
  • Open-Ear Fit Blends Music & Environment
  • V1 Processor for Clear & Stable Audio
  • Automatic Pausing & Volume Adjustment
  • 6 Months Warranty
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FLAT 6.5% OFFLKR. 46,740
FLAT 6.5% OFFLKR. 46,740
FLAT 7% OFFLKR. 46,490
FLAT 7% OFFLKR. 46,490
FLAT 7% OFFLKR. 46,490
FLAT 7% OFFLKR. 46,490
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Sony WF-L900 LinkBuds True Wireless Earbuds

V1 Processor
The V1 processor inside the LinkBuds do a lot of work to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience when listening to your favorite music. It works to balance playback and provide clear mids and highs, which supporting Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) to match what you hear as closely as possible to what the artist intended. It also helps to power a more stable Bluetooth transmission from your mobile device, where the signal is transmitted directly to each LinkBud.

Precise Voice Pickup
To help ensure that the people you talk to during hands-free calls only hear you and not the ambient noise around you, Sony’s utilizes Precise Voice Pickup technology. This takes voice signal processing and a noise reduction algorithm, along with more than 500 million voice samples, to focus on picking up your speech and suppressing everything else as much as possible.

Automatic Pausing & Volume Adjustment
Sony uses a pair of technologies to automate your listening experience, so you can leave the LinkBuds in throughout your day without an issue. Adaptive Volume Control automatically adjusts the volume based on ambient noise. If you’re in a quiet location, it lowers the volume, and vice versa if you’re someplace loud.

Speak to Chat offers additional automation, detecting when you speak and automatically pausing audio playback. It then resumes when you stop talking. This, along with the open-ring style of the LinkBuds, makes having conversations natural and intuitive while they are in your ears.

Tap Your Skin
Wide Area Tap is the name of the technology that Sony employs with the LinkBuds that lets you control music playback without ever touching the LinkBuds themselves. You can double- and triple-tap the skin in front of your ears to control your music.

Active Lifestyle Approved
Constructed with IPX4-rated water resistance, the LinkBuds can handle splashes and sweat, so you can feel comfortable if you’re caught out in the rain or want to listen to your favorite workout playlist at the gym.

Stable Fit
With the inclusion of five pairs of different-sized flexible ear supporters, you can customize the fit of your Sony LinkBuds so they stay put when you exercise and move through your day.

All-Day Battery
On a full charge, the Sony LinkBuds provide up to 5.5 hours of playback, with up to an additional 12 hours available in the included charging case.

Quick Charge
If you’re in a rush and forgot to charge your LinkBuds, a quick 10 minutes in the charging case will give you up to 90 minutes of playback.

Easy Android & Windows Pairing
Featuring support for both Google Fast Pair and Windows Swift Pair, the Sony LinkBuds easily pair with Android, Windows 10, and Windows 11 devices. Once turned on and in pairing mode near any of these compatible devices, you’ll automatically be prompted to pair them onscreen with a single tap. With Google Fast Pair, you also get the ability to ping misplaced LinkBuds to find them, or view their last known location on a map.

Environmentally Friendly
Working to reduce their impact on the environment, Sony constructed the LinkBuds from recycled plastic material sourced from automobile parts. In addition, they come to you in plastic-free packaging.

Additional Features
One button access to mobile digital assistants.

Built-in support for Google Assistant and Alexa.

Quick Access lets you resume Spotify playback with a couple of tap gestures, without having to unlock your phone.

Supports the Microsoft SoundScape app for rich 3D audio-based navigation.

Supports Sony 360 Reality Audio.